8 December 2007

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Really excited about The Golden Compass. At long last it is finally out in theatres. I am trying to go in it with an open mind, knowing that some things will have been changed, and that it will not be exactly like the book...that's a given. I do hope they did not veer too far off the path though. I am hoping to see it today, since we were with some friends last night [having a great time].

EDIT: Wow...the new global trailer gave me chills. (whining like a 6 year old) Wake up Chas, and let's go already!

EDIT: I found a discussion of the movie at urbanlegends.about.com and thought the following comment in response to the post and other commenters, regarding anti-religious themes, preaching atheism to children, yadax3...

(7) Catherine says:

Interestingly, only one of the above commenters had read the books. My question, why is okay to leave “The Narnia Chronicles” (which I have read) on the shelf and in the movie theatres and not “The Golden Compass” trilogy. Is it perhaps because “The Golden Compass” encourages our children to question the all powerful church and adults that follow it without thinking whereas “The Narnia Chronicles” glorifies Christianity? Is it because CS Lewis became “perfected” when he converted to Christianity and Philip Pullman is a self-professed atheist? I just don’t understand why Christians feel so threatened when their children are encouraged to think! I read “The Golden Compass” with our 12 year old and encourage others to read it before denouncing it. Of course, that would be asking alot, certain people would have to think without being told what to think. Recall the Harry Potter nonsense.

The whole thing here.


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