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Sometimes it takes a migraine for me to see the simpler things in everyday life. For me, today has been one of those days. I decided to let Chas sleep in the bed since he is on the flip side where he is up all night and sleeps in the day (happens every few weeks or so, maybe less) so I slept on the couch while hoping my headache would go away. I just grabbed the eye sleeping mask and pulled a soft blanket over me. I decided against closing the blinds figuring the mask was enough. It's interesting to hear all the sounds that go on during the day here, both inside and outside. And while there was noise, with my eyes closed and covered with the mask, and with the blanket over me, I had a strange sense of calm. So in that way it was simple.

My food today has also been simple. Usually, my migraine food of choice is Campbell's Chicken and Stars soup. I know it's not a "grown up" soup and it is a very basic and mediocre soup, it has a few things that appeal to me. Mainly it is just comforting and tastes good, but additionally, the small bits make it easier to eat and doesn't make me feel sick or sicker. Of course it is easy to prepare and eat on days when the nausea won't simmer down. So that's why I try to have a can or two of that around at all times. But right now I don't.

So I looked at my pantry and fridge for easy to make and eat foods that wouldn't cause more stomach distress. This morning I had some multi-grain oatmeal and I stirred in some peach yogurt. Not amazingly gourmet or tasty, but bland enough to keep down and keep the hunger pains at bay (oatmeal is always good for keeping me full). So it was sorta like my own peaches and cream oatmeal. It could have been a tad sweeter for my tastes but it was still not bad. But it was simple.

For lunch I grabbed a few handfuls of bowtie pasta and cooked in my skillet (boiled for about 10 minutes or so). I know, I should use a pot to boil pasta in but for this small amount my 10" everyday pan works just fine. I drained the noodles the cheater way by placing the lid on the pan, and with mitted hands held the lid on while tipping over the sink to drain the water. I returned the pan to the stove (with the burner off) and added some olive oil (a light quick drizzle), Cavender's Greek Seasoning (a light sprinkling), and Parmesan cheese (a few good shakes). Normally I'd have preferred to use real parmesan and grate it rather than the stuff in a can, but in this case it was ok as it was easy peasy. I didn't really measure the amounts, but if I had to guess, I'd say maybe a half a tablespoon of the olive oil, an 1/8 teaspoon of the seasoning, and a tablespoon or so of the cheese? Really, I just eyeballed it.

Thing is, at least with the last dish, it really is a tasty and simple dish that can be made and eaten just took a migraine for me to decide on something so simple like this. And it definitely has that comfort feel too. I think that too many people think that food has to have all these complex flavors and combinations and such...and while that is good to experience, there is something to be said about simple cooking and tasting food.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I think I may go have a hot bath now.
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