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I say this, not as a food geek, or someone with superior food and cooking knowledge, but as someone who can read, and generally has a bit of common sense for a lot of things.

So, with the prospect of the Calphalon One rebate offer, I have been on looking at a few possible pans to use this and the gift cards with to my advantage. I will still need to see the pans in person and get a feeling for the size and practicality in my kitchen. In the meantime, there's the web to get the ideas going. While I don't need this particular size, since I have it in nonstick already, I still looked at the 9" chef's skillet, also called a "grain pan", for the reviews. Among the many excellent reviews, there were the negative ones. And these people are like, "I can't cook my eggs in hoo hoo!" and other equally stupid things. Now, go back a few sentences to where I said it is also called a "grain pan" and see if you smart people can figure out the most popular use for this pan. Correct! Grains. This pan is for cooking pasta, rice, barley, etc. GRAINS...which involve using a fair amount of water or other liquid for the cooking process. It is also commonly used to make sauces with because of the narrow bottom and rounded sides. Again liquid. If you want to cook eggs, use a regular skillet, not a chef's skillet. It was not designed with the intent to be able to use it to cook eggs with. Maybe one of the two larger chef's skillets, but certainly not the 9" one. There's just not a lot of flat surface to work with in this small pan. Although, while a little odd, I do admit that I have frequently cooked eggs in mine without a problem, but it *is* nonstick. Eggs just need nonstick. Grab yourself a One Nonstick skillet to keep your collection the same. The only difference is the skillet is nonstick in the nonstick collection. The fact that the lids in the nonstick collection are glass, and stainless steel in the regular collection is just not an issue here, since it is lid-less. I am sure you could probably use the regular One line to do it, but do yourself a favor and stick with a nonstick pan for your eggs, ok?

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