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Heh, this is funny...Panexa (read: it's a spoof site for those of you who didn't read closely).

Got the fucking light fixed for the bedroom today. OMFG it's about time! That plus a spare bulb was $20 total. The problem was the dimmer switch. We've had this lamp since our was a present from some cousins from a catalog.

I also had a nice afternoon with my Glitter. Both of us moody and cranky. Nothing that a little healthy food and coffee from Barnes and Noble couldn't fix though. Once that caffeine hit, hoo boy, we both knew it. We both felt immensely better and began to giggle like little girls! We took my stuff to Old Navy to try/exchange/etc. Returned the two tanks, kids fleece pants, and green fleece half-zip pullover; swapped out the xsmall fleece pants for small...they're a bit long, but looser where they need to be, and still fit despite the length (I almost swapped the black for the bluish grey and a better fitting top that matched, but it wasn't quite right on me); kept the brown fleece vneck for the black pants; added soft twill khaki/salt/putty colored pants, and a long-sleeved, button down shirt that's black with vertical diamond patterned stripes in silver and gold on it. I almost wore it this evening, and while the shirt was classy enough for the two events we had, the pants were dressy, but not dressy enough, so I stuck to my original plan and it worked out just fine.

Got home, and got ready for the BHN Holiday Party at Universal. Unforunately, we had a double bill for the evening, and so we went to the holiday party, we had to leave pretty soon afterward. It took forever to get back downtown to Viet Garden where our friend was having her birthday. While we missed the free dinner from the holiday party, we had kick ass food at the restaurant, and a good time. I haven't seen these guys in a long time due to my previous work schedule that rendered me unsociable for a while. Everyone said how good I looked since the last time they'd seen me, and said how much healthier and happier I seemed. It was all good. As we were leaving, I had a very good girlie talk with one of the girls I had not seen in ages. She's kinda like a mom to me in the group. She's helped me out when life was handing out surprises, and helped me achieve my goals and get pas the obstacles I was up against. I'll never forget that. i miss her...we never have the chance to get together anymore ouside of these group gatherings which are only a few times a year as it is. It was good to see her. I feel guilty about missing so much of the holiday party, after having rsvp'd ages ago and all, but it was so good to see people that I rarely see anymore, compared to the people I see nearly everyday.

Well, I am tired, and my huggy bear is in bed waiting for me in bed, and well, the thought of warm and cozy huggy bear arms around me makes me tingle with delight!


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