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On an impulse buy tonight at Borders, after work, I got two cds: Rough Guide to Hungarian Music and Rough Guide to Russian Music. The Russian one has Vladimir Vysotsky, which reminded me of [ profile] katykate from a post way back. But I felt compelled to get the Hungarian one too. I think that if I like the Scandinavian bands as I do, that I will like at least a little of these, which will be worth it in the end to me. I wanted to find something Romanian, since I heard recently that the language is especially beautiful, in a romance language sort of way. Supposedly, Romanian is close to both Italian and French to the point that many words are similar, and a Romanian can get along well in Italy not knowing any actual Italian. I hear the same sort of thing with Turkish and Swedish, that the languages are more similar than most people think. There was a Rough Guide to Turkish Music I wanted to get too, but it was not a priority right now. Maybe if I like the 2 cds from tonight, I'll go for the Turkish one later.

Speaking of Scandinavian, I am thinking of getting the Rhino Horn Neti Pot. It is a Norwegian variation on the traditional neti pot (used for nasal irrigation) from India. I just got a traditionally shaped stainless steel one that was sent to me from India last week which I think is pretty cool, but I think I might learn the technique better with the Rhino Horn. I dunno. Many websites say that stainless is better, and the larger size like the one I got is better, but I am needing help with it. Maybe I need the beginners one. :P The whole thing is kinda weird with letting salt water go up your nose and out the other nostril, but it is supposed the be great at relieving sinus and allergy issues. I am still having teething trouble with it, because when I use it I feel like I jumped in the pool and got water up my nose, in that painful kinda way. While I am getting used to it, I think I am going to try the sesame seed oil/ghee nose massage thingy I read about on a few ayurvedic sites today. It looks harmless, and easy...dip baby finger in the warmed food grade sesame oil (organic if possible), stick it up your nose and massage a little...pinch nostrils together once both sides are lubed and sniff a few times. Maybe it, like neti, is harder than it seems.

Going to go on a cleanse soon, with the help of an ayurvedic practitioner I met in the [ profile] naturalliving community. Turns out he lives in Tampa, so next time I am out there visiting my brother, I will have to see if I can drop by for a visit in person, instead of IM. :)

My Glitter will soon be a wife...I am excited for her. I only wish I could be there (in Las Vegas) for the wedding. I will definitely be at the Florida reception. Sigh...she's growing up so fast! :)


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