9 March 2008

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I haven't done much posting lately. Sorry. It's just for a lack of anything interesting to say. Current thoughts are about my hair...should I cut it shorter again and should I dye it again, and if so, should I get it back to my natural colour or try to find the old stuff I used to use and use that. So, yeah, nothing much there.

Also finding recently that my tolerance for fried foods is bad right now. The last few times I have had fish n chips I have had gastro issues. I think it is more a grease/oil related issue. A while ago I discovered I could not eat hashbrowns with your regular brand of diner grease brekkie, but maybe it was not the hashbrowns after all. Maybe it was the combined effect of diner grese cooked bacon nd eggs with the diner grease hashbrowns. A few weeks ago I had gastro issues after a pasta dish I made with a sauce based in olive oil, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta. I thought it might have been cheese overload (I do loves me my feta) but I wonder now if I just made it too oily and that was the problem. I thought maybe I had issues to fairy, but maybe it is the oil content rather than the dairy content that is causing the gastro issues. If I have these grease/oil issues, how can I possibly stay married to Chas the Grease-Eater?

In other health news, I think I am drinking more water and fluids in general, and I am walking more, so I hope that they will have a combined health benefit soon. Hope to do more outside stuff once the weather warms up a little. There is a Tai Chi class (among many others) starting in April at the nearby community center/school...7 classes for $49 if I understand the pricing correctly. And the classes are in the evening so I can get there after work easily. I can grab a light snack and walk there (probably about 20 minutes) or hop a bus (probably about 5 minutes...Google Maps says the drive is about 2 minutes, so with stops on a non-direct route, 5 seems about right). Not bad. I wanted to do this a year ago but I fell on my ankle and felt that it would be bad to use that leg for serious balance or stability. It is not 100% healed but way better than it was last April.

Feeling lovies with the Maple Flavoured Mini Wheats Chas got me the other night.

I need to find something to eat that won't screw with my tummy. Ciao!


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