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My laptop is dying. Mind you, Chas had it for a good few years and worked it hard, and THEN gave it to me when he got his new one, and *I* have had it a year or two myself. In the last few days I have had some power problems and the screen has just started to loose color and the background until there is only a small horizontal patch of criss-cross lines in a small section. Chas did a reset of the video card ram which seemed to only help for an hour or so. I will try to use Chas' computer when I can, but my online presence will be reduced until we figure out what to do with my computer. :(
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Chas and I have a sorta ritual...we like to look at at the lol cats together, though he checks more often that I do. We found this one last night and couldn't stop laughing.

For you non-techies... )
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- a pound of charisma
- 2 heaping tablespoons of playfulness
- 1/2 a cup of sensitivity

Lightly brown.
'What is your personality recipe?' at
plunkybug: (Default) is sucking. Hardcore. I hardly slept last night due to irritation and inflammation in my throat. I had to come out to the couch to try and sleep some. The maintenance guy came at 9:30 this morning and has had loud tools and shit running. And I just yakked up my anti-biotic within the last half hour. I haven't yakked since high school. Better to be home than at work I guess, but I had much higher hopes of accomplishing greater things on these days off.
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I have to get rid of my car before we move, and the sooner, the better. The thought of that car and all the trouble we have had with it makes me physically ill, and I get panic attacks or general anxiety driving it (which is to day that I have not driven it very far at all or very much). We've been *trying* to get up to Carmax to sell it over the last few weekends but have failed for one reason or another...this last weekend because of the rain and the lack of working A/C in the car to make the drive bearable and safe (ie keep the windows cleared up and not foggy). I have the rest of the week off (Wednesday-Friday) and had really wanted to take care of it now. But my problem goes back to the driving bit. I can't drive it to Carmax. That is 30 minutes away, in heavy trafficked roads. It is a stick shift and I never got comfortable driving it. I start shaking the minute I start the engine, and feel sick driving it.

I wanted to do this now because I need to get my tag transferred to my mom's old van, as she is giving it to us, and I'd rather not have to pay another registration fee or temp tag fee if I can avoid it, but I am running out of time on the 30 day grace period to renew the registration since my birthday was last month. And since I have the time off, now is the best time to sell it and do the van thing. But while *I* have the time off right now, Chas doesn't. And so he can't take time off from work and everything else in his busy schedule to drive the car there while I follow in his car.

I am really at a loss at what to do. I need to get rid of it fast, but I do want to get something back for it, preferably monetarily, after all we invested in it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?
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Our president is such a freaking disgrace...he can't even get the name of the country he is in correct in his own speech! He said "Austria" instead of Australia, where the APEC summit took place, and in addition to messing up the name of the country he was in, he messed up again with the name of the conference. Instead of saying APEC, he said "OPEC" (oil on the mind Georgie?)!

Can't wait to leave.

EDIT: Video for those who haven't seen or heard this yet. Or don't believe me. :P

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...looking forward to Torchwood too. Then maybe this spoof will make more sense, but it is still funny.

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Ok, so I am rewatching the Harry Potter movies, though I realized tonight I don't have Chamber of Secrets on dvd for some reason. Anyhow, so skipping Chamber of Secrets I am continuing on to Prisoner of Azkaban. I just rewatched the scene where Lupin is showing Harry how to make a partonus charm, using the boggart to replace the real dementor...

So then, if the incantation for a boggart is "riddikulus" and thinking something funny, how come the patronus charm worked on the boggart dementor instead of the "riddikulus" incantation?
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I have a horrible headache right now, and feeling very fatigued, and to a degree, sick to my stomach. But here are highlights of my weekend a la Romicakes.

1. Was chatting with co-worker using our corporate AIM account...was having slow internet, tapped in and saw she was still there. During the conversation she asked me to accompany her to schul in the morning. I haven't been to synagogue since my dad died, and that had been a first after a long time. It was a different synagogue and she is looking to convert and trying to learn Hebrew, so I said sure, as long as she knew I was agnostic.

2. Was very tired at schul, but was nice to see how some things never change, as well as the nice little neat touches this congregation added, like passing around candy at some point while they were reading the torah, or perhaps a little earlier than that. My guess is the little bit of sugar to keep you going while they were reading and so on.

3. She had agreed to take me to [ profile] warzau_kitten's place on her way home which wasn't too far out of the way. I had taken a change of clothes as well. I spent time with her kids. For a while I was with Mackenna, her youngest, and she read Green Eggs and Ham to me. Later, she and I began to write and draw a story about the Care Bears. We shared and got about 3-4 pages done, mind you that the majority of the page was the drawing. I wrote the first bit with her and she drew, then she wrote the next bit and I drew. We decided what to write together, and I helped her write the words...trying to get her to spell them how she thought they should be spelled and correcting her as needed. At some point she got really bored and wanted to go outside, but once outside she was still bored and she began pitching fits. Chas came and whisked me away and home to get ready to go to our other friend's house.

4. Watched the last 3 stories of Series 3 Doctor Who with friends. Good times as always.

5. Slept in late today, head hurt. Got up and did a little cleaning and went back to nap as I was not feeling well. Friend came over and we went to Polonia for dinner and back over to the same friend's house as last night to show the animated Doctor Who story and the Weakest Link with members of the Doctor Who cast...regulars and one-timers. Kellan, the little boy who loves to watch the shows with us fell asleep partway through The Infinite Quest, the animated episode. We also saw one episode of Sapphire and Steel, the first story, which is really slow moving but creepy.

6. Now, just sitting here in a mostly dark room, trying do decide if I should go back to bed again, even though it is earlier than my normal bedtime.

Guess that's all for now.
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Last night I decided to use my Floating Island bath melt from Lush as a sorta pre-brithday bath thing since it smells yummy AND is shaped like a cupcake. ). I mixed a little of the Pop in the Bath bubble bar in with the bath water too...mine is the green variety so it is a white base with green flower petals and pink center. It made for a nice bath.

Today I have the day off from work, so shortly I have to begin running around to do some errands for a bit, with the hopes I will be able to see [ profile] warzau_kitten and the kidlets a little later. And dinner, finally, is at Aubergine Bistro in Winter Park. I have been wanting to go there for years and it is always busy but I managed to swing a reservation yesterday for today. I was very happy. This is one of those places I wanted to make sure we get to before we leave.

Well, off to celebrate my day. :)
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While I am sad that I have lost some dear friends this year (who maybe'll come around in time, but maybe not), it is heartening to see other friendships strengthen and flourish all the same. Thank you to all of my lovely and wonderful friends for all you do and who you are. Some of you have done more than you realize as my friend and I appreciate that. I love you, my dear friends.
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I'm done! Who wants to chat? Sooner better than later before I start loosing the details! :)
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I used the Wand Generator and after a few tries found this combination which I like. Wish there was a picture. I think the old generator on hte official site had pictures. I could be mistaken.

"Maybe you'd like this, an alderwood wand. It is just shy of nine and one-half inches long. It has a core of unicorn tail hair."

I like both of Ginny's wands actually. Per Yahoo! Answers:

"Her original wand was Holly, 8.5 inches with the core being the tail from a Unicorn. Her newest wand is Maple, 7 3/4 inches, core from a dragons heartstring."

I can't remember ever learning what her wand was or that she even had it replaced....perhpas revealed in the last 1/3 of book 7? I dunno. But I like the sound of the wands she had and currently has. Perhaps that is why I like the alderwood wand with unicorn hair. :) I like Ginny, though I was not sure what to make of her early on.

My patronus...I had to hit the generator bunches of times til I found one I like. :p

"This graceful, elegant patronus takes the form of a fox. It leaves streaks of light when it moves."

I like the wand generator better than the patronus generator.

Ok, thanks for tuning in to a fairly vapid post. :P
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This greeting card phishing scam is driving me nuts. I think mostly because I want them to be real cards. :)

* * * * * * * * *

I have eaten a lot of hot/spicy foods today. I had some leftover sushi from dinner with my brother and his fiance and their friends last night. The Dream Roll has spicy seared tuna in it and a spicy lemon mayo sauce on top. I also had an assortment of pieces leftover from the group, including the dynamite roll. Tonight we were going to go to the Olive Garden for soup since Chas is sick, but the one by me was closed for some reason. We don't know if it is temporary or permanent thing, though there was a note on the door, so had we seen the note, we'd know. Anyhow, we went to Fiddler's Green instead, and I got the Wexford wings...mild of course, but that was spicy enough. :P In some way, even though it was pussy mild, I can't help but not think of my dad and his love for spicy food, and while it was an unintentional channeling of him, I think I have just had a bit of a spice bug as I have been stuffy and as Chas is sick I am trying to boost my body temperature and circulation to fight off any baddies waiting in the wings so to speak.

* * * * * * * * *

Had a most delightful chat with [ profile] asinglemetaphor today during my lunch hour. I hope to do this more frequently. Things have changed in our relationship, and I value that we are still friends despite the mutual hardships we have both faced in the last year. I wish we could get together for our birthdays in late August as they are 2 days apart, but with present circumstances, I just don't see it happening. I do hope to be able to see her sometime this year or early next. :)

* * * * * * * * *

I had my hair trimmed on Saturday and alaso had it styled as I was going to my brother's engagement party that evening, and since it rained practically the whole day, we decided it was bet to curl my hair rather than straighten, as the curls would hold better in the humidity. She sprayed Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine on the hair while being curled with the curling iron, and then followed up with Bedhead Hard Hat spray. My hair was so stiff, but to her credit, it did not fall or frizz as much as I had feared it might. However, I washed my hair last night since the curls were starting to fall and my hair was frizzing, but also lack of being able to run my fingers through my hair was maddening. I washed it 4 times and then used a bit of conditioner and as my hair was drying, there were still bits that dried crunchy. I used 2 different types of shampoo but I don't know what to do now. I think this may be the opportunity to try the no 'poo method with baking soda and apple cider vinegar (not together). I think that migh be enough to strip the rest of the gunk off. I can try at least. Though I think I may have read it leaves hair crunchy too, at first. Maybe I should re-read about it first.

* * * * * * * * *

This may be the most important part of this random post today, but..

I started HP7. Our friends Brian and Kenna have finished it and they (among others) really want me to read so they can chat with me, and while they know another friend of ours got me my copy, I haven't gotten it from her yet, so they loaned me their copy. I started yesterday, reading between calls and on lunch/breaks and a little last night, and again today the same way at work, and I am about 100 pages in so far. Not very far yet, but still firmly immersed. I hope to get more reading done tonight.

Well, guess that is all for now...all that I can think of so far.
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Anyone know if there is a lolcats atom/rss feed so that I can add to my flist?
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Ok, well, not really "oops!" as I did this on purpose. Eh, well, I was telling [ profile] teajade about the series and new movie so I linked the Golden Compass movie website in a comment and I decided to retake the "Find your daemon" quiz thing, and not surprisingly, I got a different form, though I think the description is a little different too. Here is the original post. I don't know what animal that is but the one here is an ocelot, but both cats.


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