9 June 2008

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1. It's 10C/52F out and was raining til a little bit ago. Still super windy thouugh. It's JUNE. WTF?! I want spring and/or summer dammit.

2. Work was back to back calls with half the day in an outage in eastern PA, south NJ, and Delaware.

3. Both of my main programs at wok today were having issues for most of the day. For a while it was just the one, but then it was both.

4. I had a super long call at the end of my shift and missed the 3:40 bus home, missed the 4:03 bus, but barely caught the 4:11 home. In said sucktastic rainy, windy, cold weather.

5. I saw that gas is up to $1.46/litre which is $5.75/gallon.

Listened to my shuffle on the way home and this song came on. And at least made me smile. I love Komeda's first cd, "The Genius of Komeda" and this song is one of my favorites, perhaps because it is structured around a minor key, and has a very simple yet complex structure. Don't know how else to describe it.


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